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Sue Mamata is a self-taught artist.


Mamata has pursued her passion of art her entire life. Over the years, she’s volunteered her talent to a variety of projects including set-design for a middle school musical, portraits of pets for friends and family, and a gallery exhibition hosting all of her original pieces. In addition to the variety of projects,


Mamata uses various mediums besides watercolor; watercolor pencil, acrylic, and oil/soft pastel. Recent acquisition of small sized watercolor painting has gripped her inspiration as its fluidity on the page instills a semblance of motion and blur, capturing the figment of a reminiscent daydream.


For many of her landscape paintings, Mamata draws inspiration from roots in her home country of Japan, and the New England area where she’s lived for the past decades. She also recreates landscapes from around the world based on photos captured by her globetrotter children. Additionally -- as a lover of all animals and a mother to two beautiful homebody dogs (Kiki and Coco) -- cats, dogs, and other animals often find a way into her pieces (snoozing doggos are her personal favorite subjects).


When she’s not painting landscapes, Mamata has also illustrated for children’s books including Sammy Franks The Frog With Glasses series and Black, White and Beautiful, both books are available online. She also likes running, biking, and walking with her dogs. Sue Mamata lives in the USA.


Sue Mamata Watercolor

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